Rate Card #22, Effective January 1, 2014

Display Advertising:  
Local Rate $6.75 per column inch
Classified Advertising:  
First 15 Words $9.00
Each Additional Word 10¢
Additional weeks/insertions with no changes will be 30% off.
Cancelations to be in the form of Credit on Account, no cash refunds on classified advertising.
Special Position Ad Rates:  
(Reservation basis only. Discounting does not apply to special position ad rates.)
Front Page Ads:
6 Columns x 6 inch ad $370.00
2 Columns x 7 inch ad $150.00
2 Columns x 3 1/3 inch ad $75.00
1 Column x 1 inch banner ad $20.00
Back Page: (first section) $700.00
All special position ad rates included color. Limit one position per advertiser per month.
Fixed Size Discounted Ads:  
Full Page (open rate $648.00) $550.00
Half Page (open rate $324.00) $275.00
Quarter Page (open rate $162.00) $140.00
Eighth Page (open rate $81.80) $75.00
Business Card Directory (reproduced from your business card)
Runs Four Weeks - no changes $60.00
Homes For Sale Promo - 2 column x 2 inch display with house photo and description under Homes For Sale heading
Runs Four Weeks - no changes $70.00
Discounting Opportunities*
Camera Ready (setup supplied by advertiser) 10% Discount
Rerun (repeat ad with no changes) 10% Discount
Filler Ads 50% Discount
Filler advertisements are run at publisher's discretion on a space available basis.
Contract - Discount determined by weekly or monthly R.O.P. column inch volume. Contact your representative for details.
*Only one discount per ad applies (can not be used in combination) must be determined prior to advertisement placement.
Shared Spot Color (up to a full page) $80.00
Process Color $150.00
o(Color availability/selection on a space available basis)
Call us to ask about Free Standing Inserts and Pricing!


Number of Columns 6
Column Width 1 5/8 inches
Width Between Columns 1/8 inch
Width of Type Page 10 3/8 inches
Depth of Type Page 16 inches
Column Depth 224 Agate Lines
Agate Lines (Full Page) 1344

Designing your own display advertisement?
Download ad layout grids PDF.

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